Page types

The type of a page is specified in the page properties (Edit → Properties). Page types followd by a colon (e.g. "Redirect:") require an additional parameter. The following page types are available:

Type Description Demo
Commentable page Pages on which users can add comments.
News and Overiew pages See Basic usage.
Simple news pages See Basic usage.
Photo gallery See Basic usage.
Formmailer Contact form which sends an e-mail to the e-mail address specified as additional parameter.
Redirect Redirects to a specified page.
Language redirect You can setup a page (e.g. the index page) which forwards the users according to their language settings. Therefor specify the page type "language forwarding" in the page properties and add e.g. "en,index_en;es,index_es;de,index_de". This will refer the users to index_en, index_es or index_de according to their language settings if their preferred language is available
Notes page Includes a notes section.
RSS Feeds and XML Sitemaps See Basic usage.
Search Provides a simple site search.

If you want to create a custom page type, create a page type script in the directory /cms/includes/page_types and register it in the file /cms/config/page_types.conf.php.